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Drive Quality Drive Green Drive Safe Drive Smart
It has a paint finish that looks miles deep. Chrome-accented mirrors and door handles exude prestige. Over the road or off-road, Everest is designed with a combination of versatility and luxury.
Everest will take you to the mountains without polluting them. The available turbo diesel engines are ideal for off-roading, with lots of torque to help get you around obstacles in your path, and to burn cleanly while doing it.
While Everest is tough enough to withstand the rigors of where you'll drive it, it's also strong enough to deal with the worst of what can occur while on the road. Everest keeps you confident.
Well-organized and well-thought-out, the inetrior of Everest is your office for driving. Comfortable yet functional with large gauges, switches placed where they make sense and versatile seating for maximum capability.
Black Cool White Desert Bronze Highlight Silver Winning Blue Arizona Gold




The impressively smooth premium turbo diesel technology eliminates much of the noise, clatter and emissions that characterize some diesel engines, and provides outstanding performance from a small displacement. The abundance of torque on tap from the moment you turn the key lets you know Everest is ready for action.

The foundation of safety in Everest starts with extremely strong body construction with side-intrusion door beams. Airbags for the driver and front passenger, and available front-seat side airbags, add an additinally layer of safety. Standard anti-lock brakes help you maintian full control when braking up on slippery surfaces. 

Everest offers luxury to go along with its brute strength. The avilable 6-discs in-dash CD changer with MP3 capability offers enriched entertainment. Air conditioning spreads cool air evenly to all 3 rows of seating and the seat foam has specially tuned density for maximum comfort. With lots of seating options, you'll be surprised how well Everest can work for you.

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